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Kyoku is a hardcore vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game. You need to destroy your enemy and avoid their attack.

You can switch your aircraft between the white mode and the black mode.When you are attacked by the bullet of the same color, your health point will decearse, and when your health point become 0, you will lose a live. In another case, when you are hit by a different color bullet, you will lose a live immediately.

If a bullet of a different color is close to your aircraft, you can change your mode to the same color of the bullet and bounce it away.

As you destroy your enemies, you will gain Max Balance points. When your Max Balance slot is filled up, you can manually switch your aircraft into Max Balance mode. You will have high damage, auto aim bullets, and the Max Balance points will decrease. You will leave Max Balance mode when the Max Balance points decrease to 0.




击杀敌人可以获得Max Balance值,当Max Balance槽积攒满之后可以手动进入Max Balance模式,此时你获得更高的伤害和子弹追踪的能力,并且Max Balance值会迅速减少。Max Balance值归零时,你将退出Max Balance模式。

Install instructions

WASD/ ↑↓←→ to move,  Z to shoot bullets, Shift to switch color, X to enter Max Balance mode.

WASD 或 方向键 移动,Z键射击,Shift切换颜色,X进入Max Balance模式。


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